Got Bill?

About 3 weeks ago my household became addicted to the HBO original series True blood; we love Sookie Stackhouse. We watched 2 episodes on a Sunday then we watched the next 5 on a Monday night. After that we moaned and groaned waiting for the next episodes so we could find out what happened to Bill and Sookie. This last Sunday night was the last episode of the season we now have to wait until summer for another installment. I think that we all cried inside after the season was over.

Adam took these emotions and combined them with his art skills to come up with This week’s Marker board Picture of Bill. I’ve been impressed with Adam’s art skills, but this latest installment blew my impressedness out of the water. Not only did he do a great drawing on the marker board, but he did it in less than hour while I was out having lunch with my wife. With that I give you Bill on my Marker board.



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