Twitter TR3nT0n

My last boss, Mr Paul Robichaux co-owner of 3Sharp and Exchange rock star made a suggestion one day that my team should start using Twitter. My team, being awesome, said sure boss. Since then we have all been using it on a regular basis. Twitter might have had a part in my getting my current job. It’s a brilliant networking tool. I wonder how they will make money off of it.

When my kid and I went for our long Bike ride this summer I talked him into using twitter keep his peeps up to date on the progress of our trip. He can post via SMS Txt message, so naturally he loves the service. 

Anyhow back to my point, My child has started to post twits again, you can see his posts on the side bar ===> below mine. Like a little [email protected] he is signing his name TR3nT0n. Kids are so cute. I’ve been up since 2 am working on a sick Exchange SCR passive cluster node that I am about to give up on and forcibly remove from AD and reinstall. Good times, so I don’t even know if this making sense, but Trenton told me to post about his twitter, and I like to please my kid so here we are. Every post needs a picture. Here is a picture of my child getting back up on the pole after falling off and me standing by to catch him as he plays Karate kid last weekend.

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