Extreme Miller X-mas

Those that know me know that I tend to do things to an extreme, those that hear some of the things that I do / have done scratch their heads and think ” WTF is this guy on about?” I like to live my life giving everything a try twice, and diving in deep right from the start; holding back seems like such a waste to me. I think that I built this attitude with the help of my father; he tends to do things bigger and more extreme then most others. As an example check out the picture below of my dad’s X-mas tree setup in his 2400 square foot garage. He figures that when he cuts it up that he will be able to heat the house for a week with the wood. It’s an 18 year old tree that he got for 40$. Took 3 guys and an excavator trailer to get the tree home, I think that the fork lift was involved in getting it setup. And yes in True Miller odd engineering style the base is odd; My dad used an oil drip pan for the base and strapped the top of the tree to the ceiling to hold it up. The ceiling is 14′ tall and I stand about 5’8″ in my socks.

Most Malls and Town centers have smaller trees…

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