Weekend Quick Update

We did not go out much this weekend but it felt real eventful

Friday – I picked Trenton up from the ferry. We drove out to Issaquah in the snow and picked up a treadmill. We watched “Wanted” at a very high volume in the theater. Played some Xbox for a bit

Saturday- Trenton and I went out and swapped my no camera phone for a camera phone (HTC Touch Pro / Fuze). We hung out at home. Tyler came over and hung out. Met up with Jeremy from work and watched “My name is Bruce” in Seattle. Michael came over and we talked houses for a few hours

Sunday- Some servers went out at Prodata and I went into work twice to get them all back up. Did some laundry ( I chap sticked a bunch of shirts) We watched Ironman. Went to Costco. Michelle cleaned the sheets on our bed. I drilled some holes in my kitchen floor. We drove to the ferry and back. Troy and his gal came over and we had steak dinner at about 10pm.

Update– I forgot to add that I rebuilt the heater motor in my samurai on Saturday. I now have Heat in the Zoo.  On the downside I pulled the wire out of the switch for the bass speaker in the process so now I have no bass.

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