Dinner and an SCR Failover

Last night we had some company over and had a small dinner party for Troy’s Birthday. We had steak, cornbread, and broccoli cooked with onions and garlic. It was a brilliant dinner and a great time hanging out with everyone. The downside for me is that Michelle and I made it to sleep 11, and I had to be up by 3 to come into work to perform an SCR failover test for a customer. I am feeling beat this morning and I have to come in tomorrow at the same time to fail back. Below is a picture of us sitting for dinner.


The Steps I took to Failover

Failing over to the SCR replica seemed too simple to have worked, but the costumer reported that everything was working. The SCR target in this test was placed on a passive cluster node so I did not have to run Move-Mailbox –ConfigurationOnly to move the user mailboxes. All I had to do was bring up the replica databases and recover the cluster node to the SCR server and all was good. Below are the steps that I took to fail from a CCR cluster to an SCR replica configured as a passive cluster node.

  1. Verify that the SCR replica is healthy with the Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus | fl command
  2. Shut down the cluster nodes ( take them offline or unplug them) and verify the Dismounting of the production databases
  3. Restore the SCR replicas by running the following Exchange management Shell Commands:

    Restore-StorageGroupCopy –Identity “MAPI1\First Storage Group” –StandbyMachine EXCHANGE-SCR1 –Force
    Restore-StorageGroupCopy –Identity “MAPI1\Second Storage Group” –StandbyMachine EXCHANGE-SCR1 –Force

  4. Recover the CMS node by running the following command:

    setup.com /RecoverCMS /CMSName:MAPI1 /CMSIPAddress:

  5. Mount the databases by running the following Exchange Management Shell commands:

    Mount-Database –Identity “MAPI1\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database”
    Mount-Database –Identity “MAPI1\Second Storage Group\Public Folder Database”


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