Nekkad Snow Angels

I get a bit excited when I get a snow day. I started everyone else’s day off by tossing snow balls at them in bed. That was a fun time, and did not end up as bad as you might think it would end up. After Breakfast, lunch for me since I got up at 3, I got all excited, striped down nekkad and then jumped in the snow to make a snow angel. I think that I have some great form, as you can see in the following pictures. I did not think that everyone wanted to see my bits so I blurred them out with Gimp, if you want to see the pre-blurred pictures I guess you could ask me.

Here I am in the snow flailing about trying to make the angel.

Here I am getting up a bit covered in snow.

And this is the after math of my laying nekkad in the snow.

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