Snow Day II !!

Today is a Snow day again.. Thanks to the power of the VPN I still get to work, I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I am over it and having a great time. I’ve been up since about 3. I’m sitting on my couch watching the news and seeing all of the crazy carnage out there. I have no clue why someone people would leave their warm houses to be trapped in their cars just to get to work, but they sure are fun to watch!!! I just made a pizza for breakfast / lunch (I’ve been up working for like 3 hours so it is almost lunch time) It is totally dumping at my house right now, as you can see by this picture that I just took out my front door.

Last night Michelle and I went in the hot tub when it started to dump. The snow almost stung as it hit the exposed bits of skin that were above the water line. I tried to talk to Michelle into making a snow angle then jumping back in the tub, but my offer of 5$ was not enough to motivate her. Martin was hell cute this morning. First he was all pissed that his school was only an hour late (he is a teacher at Bellevue). We both sent off emails telling them they were on crack. At one time I watched a news show a cam view of the area around his school and the talking heads both started laughing that the school was only an hour late. Finally they closed the school and Martin was so excited! We got online and checked Stevens pass and they have a 45″ base so he took off snowboarding for the day.

As he was leaving I said “don’t die” he said “I hope that I don’t that would really ruin Christmas for some people” Cracked me up!! Here is Martin all dressed up and ready to head out boarding.

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