Allergy Attack Thing

I had an allergy attack last night while we were playing Taboo. I vanished to my bedroom to flail on the bed in pain. I rate my pain as a 9 last night; some of the most intense I have ever felt. When I break out and my body goes crazy and produces a massive amount of histamines I normally take a bottom of children’s bubblegum Benadryl and pass out. I did not have that much last night so I had to deal with what I had. The overload of Histamines in my body not only swells up my body and makes everything itch, but it also attacks my organs and makes everything inside of my body feel like it is on fire. Thankfully the on fire feeling comes in waves and it is not there for the entire hour or so that it’s there. It gives me breaks to breath, thanks screwed up for body for being nice to me some times. Below is pretty much what I looked like last night. I was all red and puffy and swollen up. Good times.

Trenton came in while I was having a big wave of fire on the inside pain and I told him to leave that I was ok. I think that I scared him pretty bad. Kids should not have to see their dads like that, sorry for that Trenton.

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