Working Late

I get the fun Exchange problems from work. Tonight is the second night in the last week that I have spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with PSS troubleshooting a fun problem. Last time it was due to the dual NICS failing in two nodes of a two node Exchange cluster; Dell servers 1 month past end of support. Tonight I am not sure what the problem is yet, as we have not started memory dumps. The last call started around midnight and ended in the late morning. I spent all night on the phone with my neck at an annoying angle, or my hand up holding the phone to my ear. Then my brilliant son, Trenton, woke and got me an Xbox 360 headset and plugged it into my phone for me. It works perfect for hands free for my cell phone, and it’s a solution I would have never came up with. I love that my kid cares enough to help me out, and that he is brilliant enough to come up with a solution for me. Trenton Rocks!

This is what I look like with my headset on working on an issue for work

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