New Island Counter Top is in

Tomorrow a new kitchen cook top is being delivered to the Miller house. Before putting it in I figured that I would take out the crappy tile that I don’t like and replace it with something more my style. To make it more my style I started the day cooking some French toast and removing all of the tile from the island. With the tile gone, and things cleaned up I put down some Hardy board and covered that the Black granite tiles (Tile is 6$ a Square vs. 60$ a Square for Slab). It looks so much better than it used to look, I’m excited. I can hardly wait to put the cook top in and see what it looks like completed. While I was doing the counter top work Michelle’s was taking doors off of cabinets and painting them. We are starting the year off with all kinds of new stuff in the kitchen

This is what it looked like this morning with the old cook top and the tile.

After a lot of work the counter top now looks like this, all shinny and black.

For some more pictures of the process check out the picture website.

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