ISA Server will not Start

Tonight’s Tech Challenge was a call from Jordan telling me that the ISA server would not come up after he installed a new UPS for it. I went in and looked at the ISA server . There was NOTHING in the event logs; CRAP!! The Firewall Service would not start because it depends on the MSSQL$MSFW service that would not start. The MSSQL$MSFW service did not log why it would not start.

ERROR : The only error in the event log that was remotely helpful said ” Firewall service failed to start for the following reason” with no reason. JOY!! I figured out the error, the MSSQL$MSFW service was not starting due to some sort of corruption in the database.

SOLUTION: To fix the problem I swapped the logging in ISA to dump to files instead of dumping to SQL. Then I removed the Advanced Logging option from ISA via add remove programs in the control panel and ISA started with out issue.

AFTERMATH: On the Way home we got some ice cream then I went and lifted some weights in the basement Gym. Now it’s about time for Bed.

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