The Official Word from ATT

My phone went brick last week and I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone and Email trying to get ATT to give me a new phone under warrantee. Finally they agreed to give me one. As part of the script that I was read to tell me what might void the warrantee of my phone the women on the other end made this great statement.

Third party software not downloaded from the ATT store such as ” Ringtones, Music, Software or Pictures” can void your warrantee.

I responded with WTF? You are telling me that music can kill my phone, that a picture can kill my phone? Are you telling me that I cannot buy software from Microsoft to install on my Microsoft Windows Mobile Phone? She back peddled a bit. Then I Said, are you telling me that I cannot take pictures on my phone and leave them on my phone? She replied that it was policy that it has to come from the store. I asked for a list of what is not supported and she said that I could call ATT and ask for one… I thought I was talking to ATT. Then she told me that whatever is not bought from the ATT store is not supported. So I am not able to buy any software from anyone other than ATT even if ATT sells it. Because the same product bought from the vender is not as good as the ATT version.

I think that I am annoyed… I wish that Cell phone companies would stop trying to RAPE ME every chance they get.

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