Virtualize Everything

One of the things on my plate this week is helping to build the BaseOS for our TAP servers. We went through 3 iterations of hardware, before we settled on a desktop grade box. We started with two 1850’s, went to a 2850, then we built an IBM blade center with 5 blades in; Yes we have lots of kit paying around. The problem with all of this Kit is that none of it supported hardware virtualization, and I am FRIMLY against building server wise that I have to manage on real hardware. I’ve done too many complex, fraught with problems migrations to new hardware. VM means that I NEVER have to do that again.

  • New Hardware   If I need more power I add it to the VM via the management console, or I move the VM to a new server with VM. No where in there do I need to update drivers, or build a new server with the same name and migrate services, or copy and reinstall stuff. All that needs to be done is move the VM. SO MUCH simpler..
  • Undo If I want to try something and have a way to fall back, I don’t need a change log anymore. NO, all I need to do it snap my VM, or setup an Undo disk. This is very helpful when dealing with PreBeta Software.
  • Building   If I need to build a server I can do it from anywhere when I am building it as a VM. I am building a monitoring server right now that I am doing at home on my personal VM server. When it is all done and ready I will slip it onto a USB drive and take it to the customer and Install it. If I wanted to I could upload. This makes me so much more efficient when I am onsite with the customer, and it lets me get more done from my couch.
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