Busted Zoo

My Poor Samurai broke down this morning on the way into work. I was headed west bound on 520 when it happened, I lost all power. It was like I ran out of gas (I have a half tank) or I ran out of spark (that could be lots of things) I had to stop and park in the middle of a lane and wait for assistance from a Tow truck that took me home. I called AAA and the woman was arguing with me about where I was and what road I was after. I said ” there are people almost hitting me every second I am sitting here I’m in the middle of the lane west of 405 on 520, can you just send someone one to get me before I get hit.” She said ok and sent someone out to get me. While I was waiting for the truck to tow me an emergency DOT rig showed up that had more lights then me and made me feel more secure.

I am home now, safe, and I am all excited to go work on my car, figure out what happened, and fix it!! Click the following link for more pictures http://pics.wlkmmas.org/main.php?g2_itemId=153988

This is not the first time that I had to be towed home in a samurai. This is actually my third time. The last time I rolled my Zoo off of the freeway in Port Orchard doing about 70. I rolled 6 times before I stop. Then 5 other cars rolled over after me after hitting a very Icy over pass. This shot is my finger wrapped up, and unwrapped after that crash. All I got was a cut up finger and a beat up body from that roll over. Click here for more pictures of that wreck http://www.hedonists.ca/wpg2?g2_itemId=42960

The first time I had to be towed home in a samurai my zoo broke down on the I90 Bridge headed east bound. I was driving back to the east side after getting fit for a suit for an interview with Dell. I don’t know if I have pictures of that tow job, I know crazy, but I have a story some place. If I can find it I will post it

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