Marymoor Park Walk

Michelle and I went for a walk in Marymoor park yesterday. We like to explore so we walked in the park without doing any research beforehand. The first thing we walked to was the GroupHealth Velodrome. I’ve been there before with William; it’s the only thing that I knew of in the park besides all of the soccer fields that you can see from 520. We parked in the first parking lot and walked along the walking path to the other end of the park. Along the walk we say the Velodrome, Followed by some huge spiky climbing thing. We both had to try to climb the spiky thing, and we were both unsuccessfully due to wet shoes and damp concrete. Funny, you need traction to climb. After the climbing thing we saw some planes that turned out to be models being launched from an RC airfield in the park. When we got back I did some reading online and discovered that there are all kinds of cool things in the park. We’ll head back and try to see of the things that we missed next time we have Trenton.

What would a post be without pictures? Here I am trying to run at an angle

Here is Michelle climbing up some walls, holding on real tight

Tjhis shot is Michelle very sad that she cannot go touch the planes. She loves Exploring

For the rest of the Pictures Click on this link

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