Phone IV

My Forth Phone seems to be a working great.

  • The first Phone was exchanged for one with a camera in it.
  • The second phone died due to ROM corruption.
  • The Third Phone was returned because no one could hear me.
  • Now I am on my Forth HTC Fuze and I think that I have a winner.

I spent most of the night tonight tweaking and cleaning up the Windows Mobile install on my phone. I think that I have it all setup how I want it and I am good to go now. This link here was a heap of help with ton of stuff to put on the phone and suggestions for tweaks to make to it more better. The big tweak that I did was to hard-reset the phone and right as the ATT “customization, I mean bloatware” installation was starting I soft-reset the phone. By doing that I avoided installing all of the ATT crap on my phone. With a clean install of Windows Mobile I installed a bunch of stuff and cleaned up some more stuff. The big ones for me are SPB menu and SPB wallet. I love the SPB Menu UI, and I do not leave home without my SPB wallet. My SPB wallets holds all of my passwords for everything and more… I discovered tonight that my phone has an FM radio in it. That’s a nice little bonus. Odd that ATT would disable that functionality, Have I mentioned how much I hate how they try to rape and control me.

For fun I gave my phone a new start up screen that rotates through pictures and requires me to Ipod style slide unlock my phone. The App rotates through pictures that my phone syncs with my computers via Live Mesh. Have I mentioned how much I love LiveMesh? I have the same files on the 4 computers in my life, and now my Mobile phone too.


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