Lotus Licenses ActiveSync

Lotus is currently holding their annual big deal event, Lotusspehe where they talk about how awesome they are and how they are owning the Email market. Being an Exchange lover myself I like to point at Laugh at the Notes people. One of the big tail-between their legs announcements that came this year is a crazy brilliant announcement for Microsoft. Lotus / IBM Notes announced that they have Licensed the Exchange Active Sync (EAS) Protocol from Microsoft to include in Lotus Notes… This means that EAS is now “THE Standard” for syncing mobile email, contacts, and calendaring information. Former Boss of mine and Brilliant man, Paul Robichaux, posted a dazzling write up on this subject – read it here http://www.robichaux.net/blog/2009/01/lotus-to-license-exchange-activesync.php

I am sure that a heap of this had to do with Lotus getting no traction with mobile devices via their traveler thing, and notes needing to support the Iphone to stay in the game

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