New Camera = Happy Kev!

I got a new camera last night. It’s a Canon 880is, with faster boot time, new Digic 4 thingie, more pixels, and Image stabilization!!!!! I am very excited about the new camera. I donated my old camera to my brother, Darren. I am going to miss the old baby, but I can visit it if Darren has it. According to the image names on my picture website I took 7,610 pictures with my old Canon SD750.

While reading a story about a police shooting on the BART this morning I caught a bit about police trying to confiscate cameras and phones from people who videoed or photographed the event. This made me think, “is that really legal?” To answer my own question I did some research and found a brilliant one page document that I printed out and to include in my camera bag. The document explains that the cops have no right to touch your camera without a warrant / court order. They can might make an arse of themselves and make it hard on you, but you have every right to say now. My attorney, John, is on speed dial on my phone; If someone tries to take my camera first thing I will do is call him.

Below are pictures of my Baby!!!

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