Using ISA as a Router

I was trying to ISA work as a router; I did not think that I could do this. Tim helped me make it happen. I have 10.2 as my internal network. I have 10.10.x.x and 10.4.x.x hosted a remote company that. My internal network has 2 outbound paths to make this work:

  • Outbound path (10.10.x.x + 10.4.0.X)   Cisco router that connects via Frame to a bank hosting company. Was routing via Route Add statements to
  • Outbound path Interwebs    ISA box connected to a FIOS line. Routed as default gateway for 10.2.0.x | address range

To make this happen was actually pretty simple after we both got on the same page and knew what we were trying to do. Tim Added the networks (10.10.x.x and 10.4..0.x) as internal networks with a gateway of in Routing and Remote access Service (RRAS) static routes on the ISA server. Here is a screen capture of what the looks like with some different addresses but it shows where he added this


That’s it, that’s all we did, and it all worked; Very simple. I guess you can use ISA as a router.

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