What do you do?

The closest I’ve come to having my parents be able to explain what I do for a living was when I worked at Microsoft. Mom could say “Kevin works at Microsoft” and most people were happy with that; even if they had no clue what it meant. When I see odd jobs, or companies I like to think ” could my parents understand what I do if I worked there?” I happened across a great company this morning that my parents could explain if I worked there, but they might not want. If I worked at this company the following is how conversation would go

“What does Kevin do for a living” — ” He designs and tests software that identifies anuses in pictures and videos”
“That’s…. Interesting” — “I guess companies can use it to keep porn off their websites”

Sometimes getting what you wish for can have horrible results. Good thing I’ve not run into a Genie and wished to have my parents be able to understand what I do for a living. Knowing how things work I am sure that that wish would have me end up working for a company like this.

This is a component of the PL Image Understanding Engine.

This anus detector (asshole detecting software) can be used to locate anus/asshole from images at different orientations and with different poses. This PL image detector is also very useful for building the
porn-detecting software developed in Yang’s.

Link to the Software if you are interested

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