Mainers and Sauna = good night

I found a sauna today on craigslist in Sea-Tac. Michael, Martin and I rode down to get it in Michael’s truck and picked it up. One Mainer is awesome, two Mainers is even better!!! We had a great ride. After we got home Marty and I put the sauna together while Michael worked out in the gym. Then Marty broke in the sauna while I talked to Trenton for a half hour then it was my turn in the hot box. We LOVE the hotbox.

Marty working on the Sauna and Michael working out in the Gym

After we were all done sweating and Michelle got home Martin and I made some Dinner; we made vegetable medley. We dropped a handful (about 8 pieces) of diced up garlic into a pan with half an onion, broccoli, asparagus, some roasted soy beans, and diced up almonds added some water and steamed for a bit. I ate mine with some cheese and tapatio on top. What a brilliant dinner. I think that was one of the best batches we’ve ever made. Now we are all sitting in the Living room watching 90210. Dinner looks so green and gorgeous.

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