Etie Zanger Wedding

In June of this last summer I flew to San Diego for a weekend and officiated the Wedding of some very good friends of mine; John Etie and Jim Zanger. I like to call them the Zeties now. Here is a shot of John and Jim right after they were married in the park in front the San Diego Court house building. Click here for the rest of the pictures.


In a few weeks I am going to perform the ceremony for Michael and Manija’s wedding. Tonight Michael and I are writing their wedding ceremony; which lead me to find the ceremony that I wrote for John and Jim. Below is what I ended up with for them; took me about 2 minutes, nice and quick. I wonder what we will end up for Michael and Manija

Zetie Wedding

I’ve known John and Jim for over 8 years. I’ve stayed in their home many times, and I have come to regard them as very close friends. They have always treated me as if I was a member of their own family and made me feel welcome in their lives. Not only have I been envious of their stunning good looks, artistic talents, and Brilliant home, but I have also been envious of their relationship.  John and Jim have been together for nearly two decades now. During that time, from what I have seen, with every passing day Their relationship has done nothing but become stronger. Their love has done nothing become deeper 

John and Jim have a relationship that is truly inspirational, a relationship that we should look to as an example. It is a relationship that we all look for and strive to have for ourselves in life. John and Jim are partners in life, partners in love, and truly giving loving men. It is my esteemed honour to be here on this day, when they finally legally allowed to establish the relationship that they have been living.

I am honoured, not only to be here, but  to be the one that they asked to perform this ceremony and marry them.  I want to thank the two of you for being such great examples in my life, and for allowing me to be a part of your lives, and for bestowing this honour on me. I love you guys, thank you. 
Now, let’s get on with this thing. 

You two have both worn rings that you have given to each other, and continue to give to each other every year as a symbol of your endless love, devotion and commitment to each other. I have asked you take these rings off so that you might give them to each other one more time and recommit to each other.

Do you Jim Zanger take this man John Etie to be your partner in life, for the rest of your life, no matter what?
<yes,, and ring> 

Do you John Etie take this man Jim Zanger to be your partner in life, for the rest of your life, no matter what?
<yes, and ring>



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