Asking for Rules Wanting MRM

I had some Questions from a customer about Rules today that ended up being answered by Messaging Records Management. Below are the Questions and the Answers that I worked up for the Customer.

The rules capability is very powerful in Outlook/Exchange, but this is mainly meant for incoming e-mail. We have had several users request the ability to:

The Server and Client based rules in Exchange and Outlook are generally geared towards dealing with messages as they enter the inbox. While you can run then manually and have them act on messages after they have entered the inbox this is not how rules were desgined function.


1) Automatically delete e-mails in various folders if the e-mail is older than xx days –

This functionally is better performed with Managed Folders and or by using the Messaging Records Management (MRM) functionality of Exchange 2007 See the following links for more information |

We use this feature at work to manage the large volume of incoming alert messages that we get on a regular basis. We have rules that fire when a message arrives move all of the alerts to a Managed folder that has an expiration date on it. This allows the folder clean itself.


2) Automatically move e-mails from their inbox or other folders if the e-mail is older than xx days, or if the e-mail has been read.

This is also a function of Managed Folders and or MRM.

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