Hot Box Shinny Boy

Michelle and I spent some time in the Gym tonight and then went in the Hotbox for a bit. We worked up a great sweat just sitting there talking about days. I love getting dripping wet without any work at all. The best part of Being in the box that it is a great excuse to shut off all noise, forget the rule, and relax for a bit; something that I have a hugemungous hard time doing. Tonight Michelle and I discussed my latest writing project then took some pictures for a blog post about the box. I blurred out the fun bits, as always just ask if you feel the need to see the unblurred bits.

The downside of the box is that we are going to go through way more towels and showers in the house then we have in the past. Oh well It is well worth it for the relaxation and health benefits that the box Provides. I think that we might need to get a dunking tub outside the back door to jump in after we get out of the box. Fill the tub with Ice cold water and see what the shock does for the system.

Look at how shinny I am in the box; I love this thing. I think that everyone needs one of these in their extra, extra, extra spare bedroom.

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