Scooter to Lunch

Mitchel walked by my desk as I was eating a carrot and asked if I wanted to go to Petes and get a sandwich. I said sure, and suggested that we should take the scooters. This seemed like a good idea at the time; scooter on wet nearly icy roads being ridding by two men built like upside Xmas trees. Now that we are back both of my legs are overly sore. The right leg more than the left since it was holding up the majority my weight, and I managed to choke on my carrot in the process. It took me 20 minutes to cough the carrot up and figure out how to breathe. On the plus side we had a great little workout and ended up back to work in record time with some good sandwiches for lunch.

I got a picture to prove that I was outside on the scooter.

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