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I started using Tweet Deck today to keep up on my tweety tweets. I like the application, I don’t like that it made me install some Adobe thing. I am very much against Adobe and their software. That dislike is mainly focused at acrobat and how much ram it wants to suck up so I can view a PDF once a month, and or to keep it self updated. This is not an adobe rant so I shut up about that, Hi Tracy you are still awesome even if you got an Adobe Presidents award, thanks for not taking me to Kenya with the Lions and Zebras

Back to TweetDeck, so far I think that I love the application:

  • The UI took me a few seconds to get used too due it being intuitive and pretty to look at.
  • It makes reading my tweets simpler because it organizes replies vs. all messages and it lets me group people together to follow them more closely or further away.
  • It even spit out some statistics about my followers and growth rate that was fun to see.
  • It has a built in TinyURL helper application
  • Super useful to me, it seems to spell check as I type!!
  • As an added bonus to me it looks and feels a lot like PocketTwit that I use on my Windows Mobile phone.

Of all of the Twitter clients that I use I have to call this one the best.

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