Some fun

What fun I’ve managed to have over the last 2 weeks has been limited vs my regular fun meter. There have been a few highlights, but for the most part I’ve been worn out and mopie. Here are the limited fun highlights for me for the last two crazy hard weeks:

  • Chatting on the phone with the kid about whatever is on his mind. We’ve been averaging about 30 minutes a night on the nights we get a hold of each other which is great.
  • Michelle wrote a brilliant post about poo this week that cracked me up last night when I read it.
  • The box.. I don’t know if the box has so much been fun as much as it has been relaxing. I need something to lower my blood pressure right now, and it’s helping.
  • This week I’ve been trapped in Exchange 14 training at the convention center. Training being training it is not the most exciting thing on the planet. Don’t get me the wrong the subject is fun for me, and the information is amazing, but I was never that good at sitting all day listening and playing in a lab. What’s been fun about the event for me is that it’s like a reunion. The Exchange world when you’re at the top is a small world, we all know each other. It’s been great seeing old friends and catching up with the gang from 3Sharp; I miss my X office Husband. He made me pose for this picture today at the convention center. He knows how much I love to press the do not press buttons, or pull on wires. It would have been cool to see what would have happened had I done it.

I guess I better not forgot the gym time and the battle time that we’ve had recently. Battle time for me is extra hard being frustrated because I have triple up on the control to not hurt anyone.

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