New Zoo Top

This weekend Michelle and I drove deep beyond the ice wall to the near top of the habitable areas of Canada and picked up a new one-piece hardtop for the zoo, pictured below

About a month ago I dropped 1000$ and bought a hard top for the Zoo from Richard in Canada. One of Richard’s companies, is who I bought my top from. Richard said it was going to be about 500$ to ship the top down here, or 350 to ship it to the border. I looked up where Richard lives and did some math; at 350 miles one way, a night in a hotel in the middle, and some food along the way that it would run me approx 261$. 261$ plus the opportunity of a road trip sounded like the best deal to me. Michelle came along with me for the drive; we entertained each other very well on the trip. I was hoping to have Trenton come with but that did not happen– not that I can mention names or say anything due to some watching eyes on my writing and some court thing, but I am sure that ya’ll can guess.

Friday night I went out with the boys to a Stag party for Mr. Michael Mainer. We limoed all over the state and did not get back until about 4am or so. Michelle and I were out the door on the road before 8am. By 12:00 I had to pull over the take a nap for a bit on Michelle’s lap because I was feeling a bit tired and I needed to be fully awake to drive 120 (Canadian) on the mountain passes slightly covered in Ice. We made great time and got to the top by 3:30, loaded it up, said Hi to Richard for a bit, then headed back down south to a hotel, then to home the next day. Other trip highlights:

  • The Wiper fluid froze and there was so much mud on the windshield at one point that we had to pull off the road so I could use some snow to scrub the glass clean. Then there was no on ramp so we went back down the off ramp and got back on the free way; I hate exits with no off ramps.
  • 21 degrees was the coldest that it got during out trip. That was near the top of some mountain pass
  • Richards’s truck was so dirty that could not see the license plate, and he drove so fast in the snow that we almost lost him at one point.
  • We had boxes of Tim bits!! Mmm Tim bits.. Then is snowed on us.
  • We had some great phone moments. We wanted Round table on the way home and the first one we stopped at was not open yet, so Michelle found another one on the internets via my phone and then put the address into the GPS so we could find it and have some pizza. On the way home I checked traffic on my phone and discovered the I5 was closed in Seattle. To avoid that we were going to take the Edmonds ferry to the PO. When we got there we discovered that there was an hour wait for the ferry so we took 99 to the Next ferry. WE checked the schedule for that one it was an hour an hour and twenty minute wait, so we went back to the phone and worked out where I5 opened again and then got back on the freeway just below that. Traffic and long ferry wait avoided.
  • We got to my parents house and Michelle had a few hour nap while I put the top on and took a few test drives.
  • Michelle bought a massive amount of junk food. The junk food is now in the cabinets at home as we did not eat it all.

The new top makes the Zoo much more comfy in the winter. It’s about 35DB quieter, and I won’t need drip pans in the rig anymore; brilliant!!! The rest of the pictures.

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