No Local Admin

When I got to work this morning I noticed that my machine had not been rebooted in a month or so, and was running a bit sluggish. I was going to apply some patches and then reboot while I made some oatmeal. When I went to apply patches my computer told me that I did not have rights, WTF? After pecking around I noticed that my domain account was not in my Local administrators group anymore, and that I did not have the Local Administrator password, mutter. I am guessing some evil rouge GPO or something. I don’t deal well without rights on my machine, so I built me a boot disk, booted to Linux, and changed my local admin password.

With rights to my machine via the local administrator account I made myself a back door account, added my domain account to the local administrators group, then rebooted. Now I am happy and I have rights.. I am still very annoying.

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