Signs of Love to Kevin

I got a brilliant sign today from Michelle that she loves me.. That got me thinking what other signs do I get? So I figured I would list some

  • Knowing what I like to get at subway – it never changes, it is simple, and I love it
  • Bring me the few things at the store that I am addicted to
  • Attacking me in the morning as I try to escape from bed and not letting me leave without a squeeze
  • Letting me sleep when I sleep
  • Getting all excited about little adventures and helping to make them bigger and more funner
  • Telling me to not die when I leave
  • Giggling when I “accidently” take my zoo off road
  • Making sure that my glasses are always in the case at home when I go to find them
  • The goofy gin that I get when you gaze at me.

There are these and so many more.. Paying attention and knowing what I like and then not having to ask is a big one. I know what everyone in my life likes at subway. I can go get 5 subs and come back and make 5 people happy and no one needs to write anything down. That is how I show people that I care. I pay attention and make notes of what they like and give them what they like. It’s strikes me and pleases me that I find so much happiness in so many little things… Life is much better when you can enjoy all of the pieces. It’s so much better when you don’t need huge things to be happy.

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