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Photos taken at the same time every day over a period of time are a great way to see differences and change. While watching Dancing in the rain and cursing the interwebs this weekend I came across two brilliant examples. The first one is a set of pictures taken my John Stone on his journey from flabby to full blow bodybuilder over the course the last six years. This group of pictures is a monthly front view, and this group of pictures is a monthly side view. It looks like john has turned his fitness obsession and picture collection into a bit of a profession; good for him.

Below are pictures of John from 2003 when he started, and 2009 this month.

The next group of pictures that I found is from a gal who took pictures of her cervix everyday at 10pm during her complete menstrual cycle. In a past life I worked with a partner to become preggers. One of the things that we did to figure out when she was most fertile was to map out her temperature every morning and track her cycle. With temperature and day of the cycle we could tell where she was at and determine the best days. I found the tracking very interesting; it amazed me how different her body was at each stage / day in the cycle and how you could start to predict those differences month to month. These pictures take it to whole never level and show what is going on inside of the vagina, what the cervix looks like, where it is at, and what the mucus looks like. A BRILLIANT site in my book. I can see women looking at this and saying “WOW this is the first time I have ever had a clue what is going inside of me” I love things like this.

Here is the link to the pictures. To top of the page is factual. As you scroll lower you start to see the cervix pictures and you are able to read how she felt each day. The Cervix pictures might not be safe for work (NSFW) you have been warned, but you are VERY encouraged to click the site when you can and check it out. It is very affirmative.

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