Wedding …. Married??

This weekend I married Michael and Manija Mainer, the two gorgeous people pictured below.

No I did not get married to them, I performed the ceremony for them. Thanks to the ULC I am legally able to perform wedding ceremonies for people in most states. The wedding venue was stupendous, the party after the ceremony was spectacular and a great time, The DJ rocked!!, the food was awesome, everyone there had a great time, it was simply a great wedding. I normally dislike and whine about all of the work and such that goes into a big wedding like this, and then I rave about how much of a good time I have at the wedding…decide for yourself what that means…. I feel very honoured to be the one who united this couple, this couple who’ve both become such big parts of my life. Yes I actually put on pants and a suit jacket for this couple, they mean that much to me.… I wore my tux and rode my motorcycle to the pictures and then to the wedding.

I did not leave the suit on the entire night. I drove home after all of the wedding traditions as the dancing was starting and changed into more comfy cloths, got Michelle and went back to help breakdown the wedding decorations, and play designated drive for the wedding party who are mostly staying at my house; it pays to have 6 bedrooms. Michael and Manija had a Brandgelina style exit. They left the wedding on the back of a 58′ foot yacht waving at all of us standing on the dock.

Yes, I took a huge pile of pictures of the event; check this link out for the pictures. I set the pictures up with a “best of” group in the root of the album, and then you have links to the all of the sub albums from there.

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