26 Things about me

I cannot draw awesome stuff like Calamity John did for this 25 things thing, but I can be extreme like me and kick it up and notch. I’ll write one more thing about me then everyone else!! I am going to write 26 Random things about Kevin Miller!!!

1. Mamma Mia was my favorite movie of 2008 – It was fun to watch because everyone in the movie looked like they were having an absurd amount of fun, the music was great, and the setting and scenes were all amazing.

2. I become involved in computers after being kicked out of a chemistry class for being a smartarse. When the teacher said “if you are so smart why you don’t come up and teach the class” I got up and started to teach. I never went back into that class; ended up in a computer class, then started to work for the School District where I met Bill. Bill has been my Boss more than once, and remains a great friend and father figure in my life to this day.

3. On a slow day I write about 150 and read well over 600 email messages. A majority of the messages that I write have a word missing or misspelled in them. Someday I should really learn to proof read things or write.

4. I’ve slept with professionals, but the circumstances have always allowed to me do it without paying

5. My email group took purity tests from armony.com a number of years ago and compared results. On the tests that I took there were fewer things unchecked then I have scared fingers on my right hand. – For those who have not seen them up close all of the fingers on both of my hands have scars on them.

6. I am experienced at stitching up wounds thanks to my and my family’s lifestyle of loving to have fun

7. I like to save as much as possible and budget my money. At my best I’ve saved 44% of my pay every month, at my worst I’ve saved 10% of my pay.

8. Since I got my drivers license the day I turned 16 the least I have driven in a year is 25,000 miles. The Most I have traveled in a year is 145,000 miles. Most of the miles in my big year were on a plane or in rental cars. – note to car buyers NEVER BUY a RENTAL car; people like me drive them.

9. Memories are in my world the most valuable possessions you can own and give. As an extension of that value I am obsessed with capturing memories. I take and post thousands of pictures every year. Additionally, I almost never leave home without a camera in my pocket. My pictures are automatically copied to my computer, my hosting server, my server at home, and my TV media server once I turn my camera on where it an open WI-FI connection. I don’t plan on losing pictures ever – Thanks Eye-fi and scripts for making that possible

10. I’ve been in a total of 12 car wrecks, 9 notable motorcycle accidents, 1 plane crash, falling off buildings and other tall objects, and had all kinds of other “accidents”. I’ve never broken a bone or needed to be hospitalized due to injury.

11. Not counting survival and motorcycle gear I own 2 pairs of pants. Every other pair of pants that I haveI burnt after I stopped working for Dell. I wear shots most every day unless I have to do something else (court, interviews, customer visits. etc). The last time I wore pants was to Marry my good friends Michael and Manija. I rode my Motorcycle to the wedding wearing my Tux.

12. I’ve been in an MRI machine 30+ times to have my head scanned. But that was long ago in a galaxy far, far, away, today my head seems to be ok, or I am ignoring my issues really well!

13. I don’t drink more than about 3 times a year on average and I did not have my first drink until I was 25 years old. I’ve never needed to consume something to allow me to have more fun or relax. I am fun all the time! But I have a good 40 bottles of various alcohols in my bar at home. I love to host a party and entertain people.

14. On my 18th birthday, after watching my father’s head be split open with a crow bar, I grabbed the head of man who hit him and thought ” I am 18 now, if I ripe this man’s head off I could go to jail for man slaughter” – memories they are fun!

15. In a past life I had TS clearance and the civilian rank of a general. I only abused my power a little bit at the air force academy when I made some cadets do pushups for goofing off in the hallway. While at the pentagon I got lost and ended up too far in the basement and Had to be escorted back to the main floor by boys with Guns.

16. In the next 5 years, I plan on moving out of the USA to live in another country in the lower hemisphere. I think that I would like to buy a few hundred hectares and farm something. Having light at the end of my tunnel keeps me from burning out.

17. I’ve been in every US state minus two and I have no desire to make it to all 50.

18. About an hour after I pierced my tongue I got on a plane and spent a weekend in Vegas. Not being able to talk all that well, or eat nearly at all made that one of my less then brighter choices. At least I got to hang out with the WL in the WLKMMAS for the weekend. He made up for it.

19. I’ve crashed the spell checker in word on more than one occasion. I’m also a published author.

20. This summer a Flew to San Diego and helped two of the most amazing men get married. I performed their second ceremony of the day in their back yard. It was one of the top weekends of 2008 for me. I feel very honoured that they invited me to be there as a part of their special day.

21. My life was once saved by a parked car. I was driving home and fell asleep at the wheel. I then hit a car, spun around and went backwards down a cliff. Had I not hit the car I would have flown over the edge and fallen over a 100 feet to the bottom. I don’t imagine that even I would have survived that. – If I was I cat I would have ran out of lives years ago.

22. I am a busy person, when I say busy I mean it. I work two jobs, manage a houses (I have a few), manage my own money (more than most work with), travel 1000+ miles a month to see my kid, write stuff to publish, and I travel and play very hard ..etc. To get all of this done I don’t sit still much and I multitask whenever possible. Right now I’m running on my treadmill typing this on my laptop. When I commuting on my motorcycle I am listening to learning materials ( learning more Spanish currently, see 16.), when I sit down waiting I am on my phone working, I try to add in extra exercise during the day by doing pushups and squats every time I go pee… The list goes on… etc. To me busy is how life should be; I love it!!

23. My child picked my current sunglasses out in 2004 when I took him to have his eyes looked at. He talked me into them, and then they told me how they cost. At the time they were the most expensive glasses that Oakley sold. I still have them and I have not changed sunglass style since

24. I once lived in a Loft in downtown Seattle that did not have a shower in it. After a few months we put a shower in it then discovered that the building had a community bathroom with showers one floor down. We had to walk up 4 flights of stairs to get to that place. The first time I walked up there when we were moving in I almost vomited it took so much out of me.

25. As I young adult in high school I was student of the year two years running, and student of the month twice. I never took a book home, I hardly paid attention in class, and I managed a 3.x cumulative GPA. I never picked up my diploma because I owed money to the school for a lost screw driver in auto shop. I’ve never needed my diploma

26. My mother gave me the nickname Brutus. I have to think that it’s because I am a bit of a brute, I never give up, I tend to go after what I want with gusto, and I also tend to break things by over exerting my strength on them. I’ve used that nickname as a pen name a number of times for different “things”.

27. Here is an extra bonus. Most people live their lives with as I like to feel it an out of whack priority tree. Most people put themselves above all else in their life and thing about others next or last. I don’t live that way. My priory tree starts with my Child, Trenton; he comes before all others and before me in my life. I believe that a massive amount of our world issues would be different if parents put their kids first not just words but in actions too..

And that my friends is 26 Random things about me.

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