People Know Me!!

The following is an email conversation that took place on my group this morning. The thread caused me to burst out laughing because it demonstrates both how I like to live and how well Tim knows me.

From: Martin
The few Icelanders I’ve met have been very nice. Don’t know much (anything, really) about the food, though.

XXXX, my niece, is going on a school trip to Iceland next year. Now when I was at school, school trips were to Glencoe or places like that (localish) and tended to be for three or four days. This Iceland trip is quite different… they’re going via Aberdeen and taking ferries across, and then they’re touring Iceland by 4×4 vehicles. For six weeks. It should be an amazing experience for her – she’ll be 15 then, which I think is probably old enough to appreciate it.

From: Kevinm
Now that sounds like an amazing Trip!!! Can I go along?

From: Tim
No, chaperones need to be more mature than the kids they are escorting. You would have them all giving in to their base natures and acting in a hedonistic manner. Would be fun, if it weren’t illegal.. ):

Just to be clear, I meant that on all levels, not just of a sexual nature. I can’t think of anyone who is more likely to say to a 15 year old boy, “c’mon, it’s only a small cliff, it’ll be AWESOME” or “I just HAVE to see what’s at the bottom of that well… climb down with my camera and I’ll hold the rope… ooo! something shiny!!! *drops rope*”



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