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One of the things that we do at Zebra is managing medical billing systems for doctor’s offices. We have a number of different products to do this. We are trying to consolidate all of our products into a single platform. As we work with customers to consolidate their data we have to migrate local data to our hosted solution. This can be an issue when we are dealing with customers who live more than a few hours from the central office in Kirkland. Last week we worked with an office in Portland that was less then tech savvy. To move all of their data we used two tools, as follows:

  • https://www.copilot.com/ We used Copilot to take remote control of the computer at the remote location and extract their data to a zip file to send to us; much simpler then walking them through it over the phone. We don’t do this very often so the 5$ a day option works great for our purposes. This is the ad blurb about Copilot

    Copilot helps you fix someone’s computer problems by letting you connect to their computer, see what they see, and control their mouse and keyboard to help fix the issue.
    There is nothing to install, and nothing to configure—even if your computer is behind a firewall, proxy, or NAT. It’s secured by 128-bit SSL encryption, and we preconfigure everything for you to make sure that it just works.

  • http://www.yousendit.com/ YouSendit happens to have one of my favorite IT ladies, Kat as their IT director. In my mind that makes them an even better company then they already are. YouSendit is a simple to use site that allows you send large files for free or fee; depending on size.

Using these two tools we were able to remotely extract data and copy it to our offices quickly and simply without the need to visit the customers site. I love tools that make life more simple. I am thinking that Copilot might be something that I will use next time I get a call from a relative saying “my computer is busted” I will make them pay the 5$ and then I can just fix the problem.

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