Mitchel Made Me do it

There is always at least one person at company with the sense of humor and fun that makes HR run the other way and hide under a desk in the fetal position. That person is normally me; maybe that is why I think that every company has one. Anyway back to the post at hand. At my current gig I am strangely not that guy, or my being that guyness is overshadowed by one of co-workers, Mr Mitchel. Not to be confused with Michelle who I sometimes call Mitchel when I am not calling her baby. In addition to being that guy with a great sense of borderline PC humor Mitchel is my McDonalds buddy. He never fails on mornings when I wake up feeling like I was run over by a truck, mugged, striped nekkad, violated, left for dead, and managed to pull myself together enough to get dressed and come into work Mitchel will always come out of the NOC and say “lets get some McDonalds”. McDonalds is one of my guilty pleasures that I cannot resist, so of course I say yes to him and his evil ideas

After I agree to go with him we walk around and ask everyone else who is here before the light comes out if they want us to get them anything; It. Most say now but it would be rude to not offer. Then we get into Mitchel’s car of the week, ever week he seems to drive something different; I wonder about his cars.. Mitchel’s driving is another experience in itself that added to me regretting getting up. It’s putting my life into his hands and hoping for the best; which I guess I could say I enjoy, just don’t anyone. This morning we took his latest car. A beater old school BMW that was missing door handles and window controls on my side. I felt like I Was trapped and he was trying to abduct me. Luckily he was kind enough to walk around the car and open my door for me when we got back so we could head into the office and eat out guilty food. This is a shot of Mitchel modifying his meal, like he does his cars.

The food was brilliant, but as always I feel a built guily after eating it. Mitchel, Thanks for adding entertainment to my days!!!

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