DRAC reset

Last week the guys on the other side of the wall said “Kevin you used to work at Dell, fix this DRAC card that we cannot connect to” Little did they know that I did not touch too many Dell servers when I worked there. Most of my work at dell was fixing Exchange and writing documentation about migrations. Well they might have known that because they added to the statement and said “Kevin, you love odd problems, if you fix this we’ll do the rest of the server rebuilds for you” Sounds like a challenge with a brilliant reward to me, so I was all over it.

The Problem | we could not connect to the Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC)

The Solution | we had to reset the DRAC card.

This seemed simple to start with I knew that I could use the racadm command, only problem I had was that I could find the command on my servers. After some looking around and reading some stuff I discovered that you had to install the Dell Open Manager tools or you do not get the racadm command. You would think that there would be a page out there that said “if you want racadm you need to install Dell Open manager” but there wasn’t. Once I had the tools installed all I had to do was run the right command, as follows

Racadm –r <server IP> recreset

For further racadm check out the following link http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/software/smdrac3/drac5/om55/en/ug/racugaa.htm#31217

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