Missed Adventures – Extreme Ferry Ride

I REALLY hate it when I miss a great adventure. I work to turn everything in my life into an adventure, and get the most enjoyment out everything. For Example, when a plane is going through turbulence and most passengers are peeing their pants afraid for their lives I raise my hands above my head and yell ” WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” I turn the turbulence into a roller coaster ride bonus. I would have LOVED to have been on the United flight 1594 that crashed into the Hudson. Think of what I would have to do to top that story / experience. I live my life seeking out and creating unique adventures!! I don’t think that it is possible to have enough.

My reason for sharing and thinking along these lines about my desires to be in disasters and have adventures is the picture to the left that someone recently sent me. It reminded me of an adventure that I think that I should have had. I ride the Washington State Ferries all the time in my travels to Trenton, and I remember two years ago when this storm hit. I also remember being very annoyed that I was not on the boat. This would have been such a fun boat ride.. I would have been down on the car deck right in the face of that wave trying to hold my bike up waiting to get hit by the water!!!

If you click on the picture it takes you another post by someone else that talks about the store and has more pictures. This is such a brilliant picture and such a bummer that I missed the adventure.

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