Great White Papers by Missy


Missy Koslosky has been one of my Exchange Heroes for as long as I can remember. She’s forgotten more about Exchange them I have yet to learn. For a short time I had the privilege of being able to call Missy one of my co-workers while I worked at 3sharp in the Exchange Rock star department with Missy, Paul, Devin, and Tim. One of the funnest customer phone calls from my 3sharp time was a customer asking for a reference list to show our Exchange knowledge. We responded with our Amazon book list. Between the 5 of us we have at least 15 plus books published for sale on Amazon. I am sure that there more then 15, but 15 seemed like a great number to make up.



Missy recently published two white papers for Microsoft that I am adding to my must read list for those learning about Exchange 2007, as follows:

Note | pictured, with permission, are Missy Koslosky on the Left and Ed Crowley on the right. Both are Exchange rock stars and MVPs. My favorite Ed quote “There are seldom good technological solutions to behavioral problems” is something that guides me all the time when a customer says ” Bla bla yadda yadda” and means “I want to do something that you think is very stupid to deal with employees that I cannot trust

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