I Crack Me up – Urinal Style

Some days I wish that I had a Spy cam!! If I had one today I put it in the Men’s room here at work and point it at the face of the next guy to use the urinal to see his expression. We got a new StarBucks coffee machine here at work yesterday. Like the ones at Microsoft where you push a button and brown fluids come out. I figured I would try it this morning and I Got a Cocoa. It was not all that great and I lost interest in it quickly due to something else shinny. The cup was sitting on my desk and I needed to drain it before I could dispose of it. I took it with me to the restroom and dumped it out in the urinal and then tossed the cup in the rubbish. Only I did not flush. I just left the brown eww in the urinal; Cracked me up for a good 10 minutes thinking about what the next guy would think. I wish I could see the reaction of the next guy to go in there. I of course got a picture of my mess!!! Michelle will be so proud of me.

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