Reminds me of My Boss

Strangely, this picture makes me think of my Boss, Mr. Phillips. It might have to do with a T-shirt image that he recently posted.

My Zoo is making some odd sound and not idling at all. I tried to work on it last night but I need another body to keep it running while I stick a big screw driver in my ear and poke parts to isolate the noise. I think that it is something in the carburetor but I am not too sure. With a busted Zoo I rode my motorcycle to work this morning. According to the Canadian temperature gauge on the bike it was 1 degree this morning; Made for a crisp ride. Best part of my ride was seeing the lake as I came out of the trees onto the 520 bridge that was light up by a nearly full moon. The back of my neck was the only cold part of my body thanks to great gear and heated grips.

We got a new MediaCenter last night; Screaming new system! Vista ranks it a 6.3 with dual quad cores, 6GB of Ram, 512MB video card thing, and a heap of HD space. I had Michelle stop at target on her way home to get me a SPDIF cable for it last night. Target people asked her “what’s an SPDIF cable?”, mutter. I’ll have to go out and find one tonight on way home. That’s pretty much my story, now back to work.

Update | this gave me a big chuckle this morning. Some of you this will mean more to then others…Sometimes the truth is a bad thing….

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