Happy Partner

I do not think that they make um Like Michelle anymore. Yesterday was an awesome example of Michelle being a giving and happy part of my life. Most people are willing to accept a partner who is draining in some way either big or small. They are willing to accept a partner that they sometimes need a break from. Not me, I am not willing to do that and I have not done that in Michelle. For starters Michelle honoured my made up holiday yesterday and put in so much effort that she might have thrown up on me a little bit; that’s my trooper always with the 110%. In the middle we had a great day together, and then to close the day she reacted opposite of how most other women would have reacted to what I did yesterday night. I went out with the guys at about 18:30 to go gokarting and have some fun. It seemed like a good idea but the go-karting place was being a bunch of bitchs and would not let us book without buying the mega expansive package.

The other option was leaving the bar and heading to my place to play rock band. At about 20:20 I sent Michelle a txt message saying “Babe we are going to come to the house and play rockband should be 8 of us” Her response was “ok cool”. After her response she sprung into action and cleaned up the house and started baking cookies… There were two loads of cookies and a spotless house waiting for us when we got to the house and a Michelle with a big smile on her face. I’ve had partners in the past who would have bitched that I was going out with the guys because I was not paying attention to them, because I was doing something without them, because they did not get to go out too, etc. Not from my Michelle. I’ve been with partners who would have been pissed if I invited people back to the house, who would have been pissed when I got home, and who would not done anything for the house. Partners who would have been mad at me all night and into the next day. Not my Michelle, she was happy about it, helped me out, had a good time, and then we had some great battle later. I feel blessed to have her, and she seems to be feel blessed to have me. All of this makes for a very happy Kev.

The highlight of my night was getting my boss to blow beer out his nose! It’s always my mission to make stuff come out Trenton’s nose, and a bonus if I can get it out someone else’s. Getting it to come out Jeremy’s nose was just a bonus!! That was my Saturday now off to have a fun Sunday. Almost forgot, the link to the rest of the pictures | http://pics.wlkmmas.org/main.php?g2_itemId=156909

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