Why do I feel this way

Why do I feel that most cops are crooks in a uniform? Why does this magazine cover look totally truthful to me?

Why do cops feel they can do what ever they want too and get away with it. http://www.zentastic.com/blog/2009/03/14/further-police-harassment/ 

There is a reason that I turn on a video camera point it at the cop and record whenever I talk to me. There is a reason that I generally don’t talk to them and just call my attorney and let my attorney talk to them too. The law is generally not on your side, it’s on the side of the person with the best lawyers or the cops on their side. I hate our legal system… And I hate the extortion games that those who are employed to enforce our laws play.

Too bad there is not really much out there that is better… This is an amazing 3 part youtube series about why you should never say anything to cop, and how cops play games watch it, take notes, and learn from it – it might be long but you NEED to watch it

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