How to Take Microsoft Exams

Last year I helped write a book covering how to take the 71-236 Managing Exchange Server 2007 test. Later in the year I worked with a group of smarties at Microsoft to write some new test questions for an Exchange 2007 test. After helping Microsoft to write new Questions for an Exchange 2007 test I wrote a blog post with some tips and tricks for taking the tests. Next month I am headed back to Microsoft to help write some more questions for a certification test for the next version of Exchange.

With encouragement from my duck based on the experience and the blog posting I wrote a quick 20-30 minute presentation covering what I think are the key tips covering how to take a Microsoft Exam. I delivered this presentation for the first time today. It went well even with my lack of voice due to coughing. Next week I will deliver this again for a different group of people at work.

My blog post covers most of the key take aways, and clicking microsoft-exam-tips will allow you to download my slide deck. If you have any questions, or need any further help feel free to contact me.

Good luck on your tests

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