Costco for Meat and Cheese

The boy and I just got back from Costco. We were out of meat and cheese and needed a snack so we went out hunting in the madness of the Saturday Costco rush. WE have successfully returned with more supplies and full tummies. I love that my child is fun enough to do stupid things with me like ride in the cart. Although I think that he only did it so he could keep txting his gal; it was fun none the less. Before Costco we hit the army surplus store to look at Airsoft guns. The replica guns cost as much as real guns so we did not get any. We’ll look online for some and see if we can find better prices.

We were going to hike RattleSnake ride today but it looks like timing is going to make that not work. Maybe we will do that tomorrow if the weather holds. Today we will go find a trail around here local and hike for an hour or so when Michelle gets home. We hope to not hit anyone in the face with a stick on accident.

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