Robed – Again

I had a hard day at work today with two annoying issues; one more annoying than the other. One, I was confronted with a problem that I was not able to fix that was totally caused by the customer. Two, there was miscommunicaton and it looks like Trenton won’t be going to Vegas with us.

I was looking forward to a relaxing now at home, but that did not happen. When I got home from work I came in to the house and noticed some paintings off the wall on the stairs. My first thought was “did we have an earth quake?” then I turned around and noticed the hole in my living room where my TV used to be. Then I know that I’d been robed, again. I walked through the house and found some other missing things, and a busted door. Then I called the cops to file a report and walked the neighborhood to ask if anyone had seen anything.

While the cop was taking all of my info and dusting for prints Marty got home and vented. After the cop left we went to Costco to get a new TV and buy Michelle a laptop. Between setting up the new TV and now we’ve been working out what went missing. Some of the more odd things that make you say hmmmm, are as follows:

  • A week’s supply of Birth Control pills??
  • A box of Q tips – Maybe they had dirty ears
  • All of our sex toys – really who wants used toys?, I guess the box was cool
  • My glasses – they are prescription what can you do with them?
  • My New still in the Box Hannah Montana doll

It could have been a lot worse so I am not all that annoyed. I feel a bit violated, but I’ve been through this before and I am dealing with it much better than most would deal with it. Being the optimist that I am I am seeing this as a chance to go out and get new stuff. The new TV looks much prettier than the old one. We went from a 50″ plasma to a 55″ LCD. I like the LCD much better then I liked the plasma.

That’s my Gossip for the day – here are pictures of the holes in my house where stuff used to be

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