Trapped in Vegas

I’m currently trapped in Vegas with Michelle. We really wish that Trenton was here. Eating the bottomless bacon plate is not the same without him. I’m playing booth bunny in booth 1077 at the show in the Las Vegas convention center by day; going out and playing by night. Michelle is in our hotel room trying to get work done on an Eye maintenance book that she is writing on contract. Tuesday night we had a great dinner with William and Family. William gave me a copy of his new book and we got to meet his kids. I miss my William, too bad he lives so far away.

I’ve been yelled at Twice by conference personnel for taking pictures so don’t expect too many pictures of the show, and I had this feeling last night of “I have so many pictures of vegas already, and I wish my kid was here” that I did not get many shots last night. I’ll try to get out of that funk tonight and get better pictures. I hope to have a better update soon with all of the cool Mobile stuff that I’ve seen at the conference, I got to play with a Prada LG phone watch, a windows Mobile 6.5 HTC phone, a fuel cell like they are putting in the freedom tower, some odd shiny things that you cover cell phones with, and so much more. Best booth gimmick yet, Beer and Popcorn.. I am trying to work out Tequila shots at our booth tomorrow. Off to get some eats and then hit the show.

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