E14 Exams Week

I am spending the week in building 40 on Microsoft campus in a room with 7 other very brainy doods “talking” about Exchange certification exams. I’ve done this before and loved the process; this time is no different. I loved it so much I wrote a little power point and gave a talk about it at my Day job. I am going to try to get my name in the bucket to do this more often. This time around there are few new odd bits tossed at us to deal with. There is a new list of words that we cannot say due to localization. One of the words is “TroubleShoot” how do you talk about solving problems without using the word Troubleshoot?? Beats me.. But we are trying to work it out.

So far the biggest giggle moment was this morning when I got to degauss a monitor. I looked back into the back of my head and I think that it’s been 4 years since I had a CRT monitor. Four years since I’ve pressed the button and heard the dung sound and seen the pretty screen colours. I used to love to press that button!!! I loved it so much that I got a picture of it!

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