Ego Stroke of Sorts

I meant to post this a few months ago…

Some might say that I have an enormous ego and don’t need any help making it larger. I would say there is always room for grow; right? Then I would add that the ego that I have, I’ve built and earned all on my own. It’s one my pet projects. I’ve had a bit of an ego stroke over the past few weeks that makes me a bit happier during this insane time in my life. The stroke is that I’ve been contacted by a number of special people in my life that I have not talked to in a number of years. The most recent, most shocking, and the one that made me glow the most is a gal that I would call my first girl friend from age ~10, who’ve I’ve not really seen since she moved to Florida then.

It got me thinking.. I blame almost spring, but in the last 3 weeks I’ve had 3 people who rate as very important to me find me. This got me to start writing about it how people come and go in life. Some you forget, some you remember, and some you want to see again. It’s interesting to me who and why people grab different sizes of our hearts and have such varied impacts on our lives. Amazing the things we remember and the things that bring us back.

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