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This image is a shot of my Exchange server 2010 Inbox at the time of writing this post. Notice the voice mail message from my grandma, the text is that message was automatically generated by Exchange when Exchange answered the call and took the voice mail for me. Soon the days of having to listen will be gone. Not in this build as the accuracy is not 100% there, but it is getting closer. Personally I think that Exchange team should open a worldwide free 411 number like Google did to collect more voice samples, but what do I know?

The rest of this post is from an email that I sent a few hours ago. One of the more cool parts of OWA or Outlook Live in Exchange server 2010 is the ECP (Exchange Control Panel) that grants users the power to modify groups, users, and a limited subset of Exchange settings.

  • In ECP the enabled user can manage passwords, create, and delete exchange accounts (includes AD) modify email addresses; modify Contact and General GAL information.
  • In ECP the enabled user can Create, modify, and Delete email enabled groups.
  • In ECP the enabled user can modify global rules, and a few other things.
  • Another really cool part of OWA that makes me happy is the New and very much improved conversation view.
  • Lastly I will toss out a few more improvements; multi browser full fidelity support ( Firefox, opera, IE all with the same user experience- not fully baked) IM integration (full web based Messenger client)The ability to view multiple calendars side by side from the start.. ETC..

Paul has some more screen shots and his view on OWA here http://www.robichaux.net/blog/2009/04/exchange-2010-owa.php

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